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I am Ernest Eby. I serve as Director and am very happy to work alongside my wife Cathy, and daughters Carmen and Heidi. We enjoy outdoor activities, visiting historical places, reading books, and socializing with friends from a variety of cultures. Most of all, we enjoy seeing people come to know and love their Creator.

We are Shawn and Amy Miller. We Just got married on December 10 and enjoy serving together at LifeQuest. I serve with the Board of Directors and I am currently a student at Penn State University. I am working on a Graduate program to become a Family Nurse Practitioner. My wife and I help with hosting Bible studies. I am involved with campus programs related to our on campus student organization. My wife works with designing flyers and posters for our classes and events, which fits into her love for art work. We are blessed to be able to work together at LifeQuest

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My name is Truman Eby. I serve with the Board of Directors and have been involved in the development of the LifeQuest organization from its beginning. I find it energizing to engage questions surrounding truth, faith, and the teachings of Jesus. I am fascinated with physics, chemistry, and other natural sciences. I self-employ as a home-repair handyman and enjoy combining work, social life, and spiritual pursuits.

My name is Grant Bennett. I live near Chambersburg, PA. I work with LifeQuest a couple days of the week. I help advertise the various events and classes we hold on campus and invite students to our Bible studies. I enjoy being part of the international friendship program. Having been a student myself for a significant time, I can well relate to the stresses and fears that most students experience.

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My name is Tara Foster. Chambersburg, PA, is home for me and my 20-year-old son Ethan. Our furry companion is his pit bull Athena. I enjoy the outdoors, reading, daily humor, learning something new, and watching other people learn. I teach Bible Literacy and a variety of English (ESL) classes.

Hi I’m Clarissa Ramer. I grew up in Oklahoma and my parents now live in Missouri, so that is currently my home base. Some interests of mine are cultures, people, and seeing or doing new things. I teach the beginner’s English (ESL) class, and am involved in the international friendship program.

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