Recordings from the seminar: “Explore Evidence for Christianity” | October 14 and 15, 2022

Audio | Video | The New Humanity | John D. Martin | God created a perfect humanity. All of us still carry the ideals of that humanity in our hearts. But attempts to fulfill those ideals in a fallen world usually end in disillusionment. Have these ideals been left to mock fallen man, or has God given us a way for their genuine fulfillment?

| Video | How the Bible Came To Be – Part 1 | Stephen Russell
| How the Bible Came To Be – Part 2
How did God superintend the writing, canonization, and preservation of scripture?Who were the biblical authors and who decided which books to include? Why is a written Word of God important for a Judeo/Christian worldview?


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Anabaptist Perspectives – Have you ever wondered what Amish, Mennonites, and similar groups believe and practice? This is a good place to begin learning.

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